Research During COVID-19

Research During COVID-19

The Bering Sea Fisheries Research Foundation has worked hard to continue research and support crab science during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has presented significant challenges to research opportunities in the North Pacific, and cooperative research related to...

Tanner and Snow Crab Growth Study Continues

Tanner and Snow Crab Growth Study Continues

BSFRF is continuing its research into the growth rate of Tanner and snow crab in order to better inform the crab stock assessment models used in harvest management decisions. This project is a continuing effort, building on prior years’ sampling and growth monitoring....

BSFRF Summer Surveys Completed

BSFRF Summer Surveys Completed

BSFRF has recently completed our primary summer survey activity. The approach for this year’s field work was to maximize the time on the water to accomplish as many research objectives as possible which included collections for a number of other collaborating...


July 2019 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Studies Crab Movement Using New Technology
  • Tanner and Snow Crab Growth Study Continues
  • BSFRF Summer Surveys Completed

September 2018 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Completes Summer Trawl Surveys
  • BSFRF Supports Graduate Student to Build Management Strategy Evaluation for the Tanner Crab Fishery

May 2018 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Hosts Scientific Workshop on Tanner Crab Management Strategies
  • Improved Snow Crab Model Depends on BSFRF Data
  • BSFRF Supports Graduate Student’s Historical Logbook Research

October 2017 Newsletter

  • Crab Stock Status
  • Crab Movement and Tagging Research
  • Crab Models and Assessments
  • Collaboration and Upcoming Events

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