Ongoing Side-By-Side Trawl Surveys


The BSFRF is conducting research with NOAA Fisheries looking at net selectivity of important crab species between the standard NOAA survey gear, the 82-112 otter trawl, and the BSFRF Nephrops trawl, a smaller trawl net designed to maintain bottom contact. Comparison studies began back in 2005 and continued annually since that year. Species of interest has shifted with some years focusing on Bristol Bay Red King Crab (BBRKC) and other years focusing on snow or Tanner crab. The most recent studies in 2016 and 2017 focused on Tanner crab. In addition to the side-by-side selectivity research, higher density sampling has occurred to look at recruitment, size compositions, and improved resolution of commercial crab abundance and distribution in the NOAA survey area. These data are utilized to improve the accuracy and precision within the stock assessment process.