CPS2 has finished! Analysis is underway.

The BSFRF, with NOAA, ADF&G, and industry collaborators, have successfully completed the second year of the Collaborative Pot Sampling project. Three vessels were chartered: two crabbers, the F/V Aleutian Lady and the F/V Seabrooke, and one trawler, the F/V...

World Fisheries Congress

The World Fisheries Congress (WFC), organized by the World Council of Fisheries Societies, is a premier global event where experts convene to share new ideas and breakthroughs in fisheries science. Several 2024 sessions featured talks that focused on crab science and...

Alaska Marine Science Symposium

The 2024 Alaska Marine Science Symposium (AMSS) featured several compelling presentations on ongoing crab research in the Bering Sea. Researchers from NOAA and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game shared their latest findings on critical topics, such as the poor...


July 2019 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Studies Crab Movement Using New Technology
  • Tanner and Snow Crab Growth Study Continues
  • BSFRF Summer Surveys Completed

September 2018 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Completes Summer Trawl Surveys
  • BSFRF Supports Graduate Student to Build Management Strategy Evaluation for the Tanner Crab Fishery

May 2018 Newsletter

  • BSFRF Hosts Scientific Workshop on Tanner Crab Management Strategies
  • Improved Snow Crab Model Depends on BSFRF Data
  • BSFRF Supports Graduate Student’s Historical Logbook Research

October 2017 Newsletter

  • Crab Stock Status
  • Crab Movement and Tagging Research
  • Crab Models and Assessments
  • Collaboration and Upcoming Events

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